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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Moving, Work, and Review Previews

Today I helped some of my extended family help my grandparents move. They're swapping their condo for a place in Renton. I'll say, they had a lot of stuff to move. From what I understand, they'll be selling some of it, so there's an estate sale to direct you to.

After helping out with these efforts, I did my usual chores at the grand institution that is the Renton Printery. I emptied the garbage, cleaned the bathrooms, dry mopped the floor of the whole shop, with the exception of the carpeted areas, and tidied of the lunchroom. Yes, I'm the janitor. I typically come in once a week to do my job. How much I am paid is my business, thank you very much.

Tonight we have three movie choices; Unbreakable, Home Alone 2, and The Two Towers (Extended Edition). I'll be review one of the first soon, as I plan to do a composite review of the entire The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy (extended edition), as well as a composite review of the Home Alone series.