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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Primary Ignition

Primary Ignition is reviews and news website which focuses primarily on comics and movies, not to mention opinion. It is an altogether good site which produces excellent articles in many subjects. I myself have written several articles for the site, which are listed below, along with a short summary.

Batman: Judgement on Gotham - A review on the story Judgement on Gotham, wherein the Michael Lane version of Azrael and a superpowered psychotic called the Crusader go Sodom and Gomorrah on Gotham City. I didn't like this story very much at all, as it took a completely ridiculous portrayal of a Christian, as well as a fundamental lack of knowledge about the Bible. It is also of  note being the first article I ever wrote for the site.

Superman/Batman: Sorcerer Kings -  This trade paperback was the last of the Superman/Batman line, and like many of its predecessors, it had a lot of potential, but for the most part fell flat. It was a collection of stories, only one of which was particularly good, the main one concerning an alternate dimension where the world has been engulfed in magic, where Superman and Batman don't even interact until the end of the story. I did not like this one much either.

Hugo - This was my favorite review to write, and probably my most glowing. Hugo is about a poor little Parisian boy, the titular character, who struggles to understand what his father left him- a mysterious automaton. This is a fantastic movie, filled to the brim with character development and dazzling special effects. The acting and music are also marvelous, mixing well with the other qualities to produce one of the greatest films I've ever seen.

War of the Green Lanterns: Aftermath - This was yet another mediocre trade paperback, giving a dull finish to the pre-New 52 era of Green Lantern. The characters were terribly mishandled, the plots made little sense, and most of the stories here were stuck here because they couldn't go anywhere else. This is yet another graphic novel with lots of potential, but poor execution.

Batman: Gates of Gotham - The collection that this article reviewed was an altogether mediocre piece, notable for being the final appearance of Cassandra Cain to date, and though it's portrayal of the Batman family was excellent, the poorly devised villain and sub-par art drag down the story.

The Sandman Saga - Now we've got something good here. This Silver Age story, written by the great Denny O'Neil, shows what happens when all Kryptonite on Earth is destroyed, seemingly leaving Superman invulnerable. This story was clever and imaginative, introducing a great new villain, and interestingly being without many of the trappings of Superman such as Lex Luthor and the Daily Planet.

These are all the articles I have written for Primary Ignition. If I write any more, I'll link them on the blog. I don't see any more to be written in the immediate future, however, but who can know?