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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Let's make one thing clear: I love both Batman and Azrael. The only reason I read more Batman than Azrael stuff is because there is more Batman stuff than there is Azrael stuff. If there were more Azrael trade paperbacks and collected editions, I would be all over that. But at present, very few Azrael issues have been collected in book form.

In view of that, I love Batman and almost anything associated with him. I love everything from the 1960's TV series to the present comics and movies. I don't care much for the first three installments of the Burton/Schumacher movie era, but that's just me. For the record, Batman and Robin is an awesome movie, and I will not change my mind. My favorite Batman story arc so far (I have yet to read them all) is The Long Halloween, a gripping murder mystery taking place early in Batman's career, in which the Darknight detective allies with then-Captain Gordon and DA Harvey Dent to take down Gotham City's organized crime. Meanwhile, a mysterious killer known only as Holiday is silently targeting that same group, leaving the trio up to their necks in danger and suspense.

Batman is actually Bruce Wayne, whose parents were brutally murdered before his very eyes at the age of eight. Bruce vowed to dedicate his life to avenging his parent's deaths, traveling the world to learn to be a hardened fighter and the world's greatest detective. He then returned to his home of Gotham City where, after some stumbling, he became the Scourge of All Evil. The Caped Crusader. The Dark Knight. (The) Batman. Working out of the Batcave underneath his ancestral home of Wayne Manner, assisted by his faithful butler Alfred, Batman eventually accumulated a large Batman family, including but not limited to Robin (all five of them), Nightwing, Batgirl (all three of them), Batwoman (all two of them), Azrael (all two of them), and Huntress. He is the night!

On this blog, there will be several links to things pertaining to Batman, and I'll start off with this link, which links to an article, the bottom of which links to several other articles in which the various Batman films are given commentary. I trust that you, gentle readers, will enjoy it.

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