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Monday, February 18, 2013

Presidents' Day

Today is Presidents' Day. I'd like to take some time to salute our current president, Barack Obama, and to respectfully make mention of some of my favorite past presidents. My favorite five presidents are George Washington, John Adams, Abraham Lincoln, Calvin Coolidge, and Ronald Reagan. I mostly like John Adams because of the HBO miniseries on him, which was very well made. Calvin Coolidge is by far my favorite president. He is the one who made the roaring twenties roar. A close second is George Washington, who set the bar for all future presidents.

Today for Presidents' Day, I got a cold. As consolation, my mom is making Tom kha gai, a hot spicy soup which should be good for my cold. As a matter of responsibility, I elected not to go to taekwondo tonight, so as not to spread my disease. I started chapter twelve of my book today, in what I hope to be a humorous chapter.

Also, reviews for Nacho Libre, The Joker Blogs: Further Evidence, and Batman: Arkham City (the graphic novel) are coming soon.