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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Pearl Harbor Day 2013

Today is National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, the anniversary of the day when Japanese forces 
bombed Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. Seventy-two years ago today, in 1941, this attack claimed the lives of about 2,400 Americans, and led to the United States' involvement in World War Two. Pearl Harbor Day was first inaugurated as an official day of memorial in on August 23, 1994. It is not a federal holiday, but many people and organizations gather to remember this "day that will live in infamy," such as the 2,500 people who gathered at Pearl Harbor today. This group included 50 survivors of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

For me, today was not only Pearl Harbor Day, but my sister Naomi's 11th birthday party. I didn't see the party though, because, my dad, my sister Rebekah and I quit the house for a while to go down to the shop. I did my job and brought my trusty computer along, just in case. I wasn't able to do what I had originally intended (that is, put my textbooks from Fall quarter at BC up for sale and purchase my books for next quarter), but I did manage to do my job of cleaning the shop, and got lunch with Dad and Rebekah.

After dad took Rebekah home while I finished up cleaning at the shop, dad and I went to where these people with the Downtown Renton Committee were roasting chestnuts and handing out warm cider and cookies. I stopped by the Comic Hut to browse, and, since I wanted to get into the Thor comics soon, I purchased for $3.50 a copy of Journey into Mystery #639. It seemed to be as good a place as any to get into Thor, even though it's primarily Loki's book, as that character is so quick to declare. Once I get finished with the Spider-Man stuff I want to read, which could take a while, I will move into the 2007 Thor series, and read on from there. I have a very complicated list system.

Anyhow, we then trekked down to the Piazza, where, despite missing the tree lighting, we saw the arrival of Santa Claus on a fire engine. It was an exciting occasion, and many small children and older personages alike were greatly thrilled. Dad and I then walked back to the shop, gathered our things, loaded the car, and headed for home. Naomi's party had long since ended, and I helped myself to a piece of leftover cake. Perhaps we will watch some kind of old war movie tonight in celebration of Pearl Harbor Day. Last year, if you recall, we watched Tora! Tora! Tora!, a marvelous film if I ever saw one. I think we might watch Captains of the Clouds tonight if there is time. In the meantime, a blessed Pearl Harbor Day to you readers, one and all!

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