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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bible Verse Sunday #70 and New Poll

I hope you all enjoyed my little prank for April Fool's Day. I sure did. But now, it's back to business as usual. Today's verse is Matthew 20:16:

"So the last will be first, and the first last.'"

This verse was part of the discussion for today's sermon in the High School service, which I'll discuss in a moment. What it all boils down to is that God is impartial when dealing out grace and forgiveness, and to those who might object to this notion, the previous verse makes very clear that God will do what he wants when he wants with his own gifts.

In the main service at church today, the pastor continued in his series on the Book of Romans, focusing on the grace of God. Specifically, he talked about the idea of original sin, how since sin is a preexisting condition brought on by Adam's misdeed, knowledge of the Bible, or lack thereof, is irrelevant to escaping sin. It is only through the salvation of Christ that we are saved, he said.

In the High School service, our stand-in pastor (the regular youth pastor was away with many of our fellow teenaged congregants on a mission trip in Nashville, Tennessee) talked to us about the parable of the workers, discussing how God's grace is open to all people of all walks of life in all stages of life, no matter what they've done and no matter how long they've wallowed in sin and godlessness. In this life, repentance is always an option.

In other news, the poll I put up a month ago about which of the four classical elements you the readers would like to wield, the votes were tallied and Earth claimed the winner's cup with 40 percent of the vote. The next pole shall ask, "Take your pick: Pepsi or Coca-Cola?" (I personally prefer root beer, but I'll go with Coca-Cola any day of the week)