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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Bible Verse Sunday #73, Mother's Day 2014, and New Primary Ignition Article

The verse of the week is Psalm 100:1:

"Make a joyful noise to the LORD, all the earth!"

Plainly enough, this verse tells us to engage in worship in an enthusiastic and hearty manner. Exactly what constitutes a "joyful" noise is up for legitimate debate, but I opine that any and every kind of music is acceptable for use in worship so long as it serves to glorify God. This can vary between cultures, and can include piano, drums, saxophone, electric guitar, etc. I've heard of everything from classical hymns to Christian death metal. The point of this verse is that no matter what noise you make, as long as it's a "joyful noise to the Lord," it's all good.

In church today in the main service, the pastor continued in our study of the book of Romans, speaking from the first part of Romans 8. The essential message of today's sermon was that we need not punish ourselves for and giver ourselves grief over our sins, because we are forgiven. The pastor said something like, "How dare you judge yourself guilty for your sins, when there is nothing to judge! Even if there were something to judge, you are in no authority to do so! Only God can judge in that manner." (Again, this is a paraphrase, not a direct quote.) Today's sermon was also notable for me because before it, I and most of the other members of the Bible Quiz Team were invited to quote Romans 8:1-14 in front of the congregation. We did it for all four services. It wasn't easy, but we were prepared, pulling it off splendidly. I bestow my heartfelt congratulations to those members of the Bible Quiz Team who participated in this demonstration. I have no doubt that it is but the first step in a new, fruitful recruiting drive.

In the High School service, the band Everfound held a short concert, and though they are not my favorite band (I honestly prefer the Newsboys), I am of the opinion that they deserve the accolades and praise that they have received from our church's youth. That is to say, they have a heart for the Lord and are more than capable of making a joyful noise.

Also taking place today is Mother's Day. I will take this opportunity to express my heartfelt appreciation to mothers everywhere, especially to my own mother. I mean, without her, I wouldn't be able to write this blog, right? To all of you at home reading, I urge you to leave the computer, go to your phone, and call your mom (if you can) and wish them a happy Mother's Day. You also might want to send them a card, or even take them out to dinner. They deserve it. As the good book says, "Honor your father and mother."

Also, a quick plug for myself: I recently authored a new article over at Primary Ignition, a review of Batman: Eternal #4. Go over and read it, and be sure to like it and maybe leave a comment.

Addendum: I forgot to mention that my most recent pole, which poses the question of Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi, was overwhelmingly in favor of Coke. Cheers! I will be putting up a new pole shortly.