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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Review: Miracle on 34th Street

The definitive Christmas film. That is what Miracle on 34th Street is.

Originally made in 1947, this film chronicles one Christmas season where Doris Walker (Mareen O'Hara), a middle manager at Macy's department store, hires an old man (Edmund Gwen) to be the department store Santa Clause. There's only one slight problem: this old man, named Kris Kringle, actually believes himself to be Santa Claus. The film reaches its climax in an epic courtroom conflict concerning the sanity of this kind old man.

As I've said before, this film is a classic for a reason. The plot is easy to like, as are the characters. The acting and characterization are excellent. There are also several good bits of humor in the film. The only complaint I have about this film is that the loves story between Doris and Fred (John Payne) isn't completely shown. Only snippets of it are. But that's only a gripe. Other than that, Miracle on 34th Street is a film about which I have only good things to say. I highly recommend it for all viewers.

RATING: 9/10