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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Belt Test, Bunnies, and Bionicle

Last Saturday I had a belt test at my taekwondo school. I believe I did quite well. My dad took this sweet pictures of me breaking my board. He printed it out and I stuck it on my wall. I broke my board with a turn back kick.

Over this weekend, we've adopted a big white rabbit that was hopping around our neighborhood. It's perfectly tame, and until we can find the owner, it looks like we have a new pet. Everyone likes it, even our dog. Names for it range from "Monty" to "Cotton" to "Albus." I haven't touched the thing myself, but I think I'll eventually go pet it. Like I said, it's quite tame.

Now, onto more serious stuff. Bionicle is a merchandise driven storyline franchise under the banner of the Lego Group. Until 2011, it was a very in-depth story with books, movies, comics, and web serials. With loads and loads of characters and an intricate mythology, it started off in 2001 as a mystical story about robots on an island to a full fledged science fiction epic in 2011. It's a story of heroes, courage, and brotherhood. The mastermind behind the Bionicle sags is writer Greg Farshtey, who, through Bionicle websites such as, maintains a strong relationship with the fandom. He's been inactive for a while now due to the downgrading of Bionicle and his personal life, the fans of Bionicle remain a steadfast bastion. Of course, a lot of them have gone on to Hero Factory... At any rate, the two best Bionicle books out there are probably Tales of the Masks and Time Trap, the latter of which I own and have read repeatedly. My favorite of the movies was Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui, though the other three have their merits. Granted, there's a lot of backstory that might put new readers off, but I have to say, it's a great saga. I'd even list it as one of the inspirations for my own writing. Websites you might want to frequent to get acquainted with Bionicle are,,, and, of course, Find the power. Live the legend!

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