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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bible Verse Sunday #15

Today's verse is Psalm 5:5:

"The boastful shall not stand before your eyes; you hate all evildoers."

The ESV Study Bible has this to say on the verse:

"The singer praises God for loving what is right. The argument of the psalm is that the success of these persecutors would contradict the biblical view of God’s commitment to righteousness. The terms describing evil and evildoers are status words; that is, they describe people who reject God’s kingship, as well as denoting the behavior that stems from such rejection (as vv. 7–8 will make clear)."

Today at church during the main service, the pastor spoke about how Jesus walked on water. He talked about how this episode in the Bible was an illustration of the need for believers to have faith. In the High School service, the youth pastor talked about how God can make great things can come from the most unlikely places, such as Jesus coming from Nazareth. 

After church, my dear old Dad took my sister and I to King's Buffet, where we ate a lot of food. Accordingly, I decided to take an off day from my My Fitness Pal Calorie Counter. We finished watching Billy Budd when we got home, the majority of which we had watched last night. It wasn't completely true to the book, but it was a good example of adaptation expansion. I'll be reviewing it after I review Teen Titans/Outsiders: The Insiders.