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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Reading the Dictionary Revisited & Life Updates

Wow, I haven't posted all week. Sorry, I'll try to do better next week. Anyhow, I've been rethinking my quest to read Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary in a year, which would take five pages a day. Turns out it takes a while to read five big pages of solid text every day, what with school and all. So I'm going to cut it down to one page a day. It will take longer, but hey, just so long as I get it done, it shouldn't be a biggie.

Yesterday, I helped my Bible Quiz Teams stuff eggs as part of a fundraiser that we do for our trip to the National Bible Quizzing competition. We watched the movie Holes, which is based off of the book Holes by Louis Sachar. More on my thoughts on it in the review I intend to write on the movie.

I got a haircut today, and worked for the first time in a couple weeks. My dad treated me and my sister to sub sandwiches for lunch at this one place which makes really good subs. We got home around six thirty.

Upcoming reviews include Teen Titans/Outsiders: The Insiders, Billy Budd, and Holes.