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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

RPG Group 2013 - Session #1

Today was the first session of my role playing game (RPG) group this year. Our Gamemaster is my good friend Caleb, and our members include my friend Kellyn from the Bible Quiz Team, me, and two of Caleb's sisters, Nessa and Linnae. It's a Star Wars RPG group, in that our gaming adventures take place in the Star Wars universe. My character is a Level 2 Zabrak scout mechanic (we leveled up at this session) named Kol Kethan. The other characters in our group include a human scoundrel slicer (the Star Wars equivalent of a hacker) named Kit (Kellyn), a Chiss scout medic named Drell (Nessa), and I don't quiet remember what Linnae's character's name was, but I know that it was a male Twi'lek. Our campaign is a continuation of last year's campaign, and if all goes according to plan, my good friend Nick should be joining us come July.

In this, our first session, we saved a woman and her child from being harassed by some stormtroopers, and we fought off a bunch of womp rats who who were trespassing through our territory. Womp rat steak for dinner, baby! The reason we did so little on our first session was that we spent a long time drawing up our characters. Fortunately for me, I still had my character sheet from last year. The others though had to draw up their character sheets from scratch. Kellyn, for instance, only had her character's first name to start with. But oh well, at least we were able to play a little.

Maybe I'd better give you all some info on our campaign. It all began last year, where our character's families were meeting together to discuss forming a resistance force against the empire. That plan failed when the Imperials broke into the house and took several of these people prisoner, including my character Kol (I wasn't available to play Kol at the time). After a harrowing rescue mission of the local jail where my character and Drell or Kit's mother, Almiri (I don't remember whose mother she was exactly) were liberated, we then stole an air speeder which we had originally rented and made our way to an old, hidden fortress. There, with guidance from a Zeltron noble/soldier guy (Caleb's primary mouthpiece) who had been with us from the beginning, we settled in and started making plans. That mainly involved us exploring an old abandoned lair that used to belong to some "mad scientist," with marginal success. We found a bunch of these crystals which we were able to sell, but we also ran into some serious booby traps, in the form of combat droids hidden in the pillars. My character managed to salvage one of the droids and take it to this shopkeeper, who helped me deduce its origin. We then set to work rebuilding one of the old droids. We plan to send this droid in ahead of us to possibly spring all of the traps, or else explore the evil lair for us.