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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

RPG Group 2013 - Session #3 & Life Updates

Today was the third session of my RPG Group, and what I believe was the first longer session. We went on a real adventure. We started off by meeting with a member of the Free Telos Army to talk about ganging up on the Empire. We then planned and executed an assault on an Imperial base, where the FTA members caused a distraction while we snuck inside and stole some kind of information container thing. Something that would help us track troop movements or something. Anyway, the party then exited by another way, stealing an imperial airspeeder, which had a grenade launcher. My character was the lookout during this entire operation, keeping an eye on our exit route. Also, Captain Veemo of the FTA went out of contact after the battle. He and his guys are probably all dead.

We rendezvoused at a parking garage where my character used his knowledge of technology to get rid of the stolen combat airspeeder's transponder, and then we split up- Embar took the more subtle airspeeder we had taken earlier to go to a library from where he could use the thing we stole to hack into the Holonet in order to access info from the Imperial base, while we took the combat airspeeder to go back to the base. Unfortunately, another combat airspeeder of the same make and model came across us even after we had ripped out the transponder and began to tail us, no doubt waiting for back up. We tried to lose them, but my character kept rolling poor pilot checks. Stupid plastic sewing board. Anyhow, what followed was a lengthy speeder chase/fight through the streets of Terrovae. During this engagement, both of the speeders were damaged, but we managed to escape after I finally rolled a fifteen, which combined with my +8 pilot skill, plus a -2 on pilot rolls due to damage, allowed for a nice 20. After making a stop by this campground to check our speeder for any homing devices, we went back to base and applied some kind of paint we had lying around over the imperial markings. Then we called Embar to see how he was doing. Turns out the library he was at had been taken over by Imperials, and they were searching everybody. So we ran down to the library to see what we could do, and just before we had to end the session, Torin, Linnae's character, threw a grenade as a distraction. Hopefully, my good friend Nick will be joining the group next session. Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend next week's session, due to me being at Nationals. Which brings us to our next order of business.

Today, I finished writing the rough draft of my book, worked on the front garden, practiced my sermon, quoted 1 Thessalonians 5 to my mom, and answered 12 quiz questions. After going to the RPG group meeting, I went home, after which I sat around not doing much of anything. At 7:00, I went to the church to participate in a meeting of the church library ministry staff, which I have recently joined. We discussed various ideas for helping to promote the library, make the library look nicer, and other stuff, but I failed to take notes. I will divulge that we are interested in setting up a sort of book club, which I will be taking polls about and asking around about as soon as I can. After I came home, I decided to watch Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn. I'm not sure whether I'll review it or not.

In other news, last night was the last Bible Quiz Team practice before Nationals, which will take place at the IFCA Youth Convention this coming week. We depart Saturday for West Virginia. It will be a long and involved effort, during which I will probably be unable to update my blog. So be prepared for a full blogout. I for one am partly excited and partly nervous about going on this trip. On the one hand, there's the usual hassle of going on the airline and what not, but on the other, there's the possibility of returning to where I went for my first Nationals, for which I will be coming full circle. It's something one thinks about, I imagine.