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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Renton River Days 2013

This weekend, beginning yesterday and ending tomorrow, is Renton River Days, an annual family festival down in Renton. Set up primarily in Liberty Park, there is all sorts of stuff on sale and display at various booths, and today, there was a big parade that went right down South 3rd Avenue. We had a prime place in front of the Renton Printery, and collected candy that some of the people in the parade threw at us. The parade began with the Renton emergency services, that is, police and firefighters, and ended with Skyway Towing. It featured everything from the American Legion to some kind of dance club where all of the members wore cowboy boots, were black, and dressed in purple. My favorite entity in the parade was the the Boy Scouts, because they gave out Sweet Tarts, my favorite candy. I also liked Lee's Martial Arts, who did some board breaking and other demonstrative events.

Speaking of Lee's Martial Arts, I participated in a grand event with them yesterday; the 2013 Breakathon. Together with several other martial arts schools, we broke boards for charity. I raised $160.00, though I didn't turn most of it in until it was a little late. But I still felt like a total badbutt breaking those boards. I used my feet, hands, and elbows to break 53 boards in the allotted 3 minutes. If you don't believe me, check out the video on Facebook. Anyhow, as much as I felt like a badbutt, I had nothing on the guys and gals in the 80/20 Club, who broke 80 boards in 20 minutes, most of them getting through that less than half that time. Those people included Greg Emerson, a very old friend of mine; Michael Tzeng, athletic collegiate supreme; Corvin Costache, another good friend of mine; Bella Driver, my teacher Instructor Geofrey Driver's daughter; and Nick Smith, a longtime member of the Lee's Martial Arts sparring team. I heartily congratulate them all.