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Thursday, July 25, 2013

RPG Group 2013 - (Belated) Session #7

Dangnabbit, yet another belated post? This is a disaster. Well, anyhow, here's the info on the seventh session of the RPG group. Nick was once again unable to attend, as was Kellyn. I believe that this session is the most dense session we've had yet.

After we fled the Black Bantha, we headed back to the base and dropped off Kellyn's character, Kit. We then headed back to the Ax Head, where we waited for Joem to show up. When we arrived there, the GM told us to role a spot check, which I succeeded on. Upon succeeding, I noticed Joem's landspeeder parked in an alley across the street from the Ax Head, covered with a tarp. We then went into the bar and tried to gather information, by rolling Gather Information checks. We learned that the bartender hadn't seen any Sullustans (Joem is a Sullustan), nor had these three old Duros that sat around yammering. My Gather Information checks were so bad, I actually ticked some people off. We eventually sent Drell to search Joem's speeder, where he found a holdout blaster in the glove box, and a key under the back seat.

After trying unsuccessfully to ferret information out of the bartender, the GM's character, Embar, dropped hints that we should try searching Joem's speeder more thoroughly. In this case, we found that the key under the seat did not start the landspeeder, but opened the trunk in the back. In there, we found a pair of waders, a glow rod, an access card that read something like "Terrovae Sewage Disposal - Sector Four - East Zone," and a large box. We opened the box to find a large supply of food and clothing. We were unable to figure out just was Joem was doing with this stuff, but pocketed the key card, just in case.

After that, we split into two groups; Embar and Torin stayed with Joem's landspeeder, while Drell and I stayed in the bar to keep an eye out for the Sullustan. We eventually all decided over comlink that we had to check out the Ax Head's back room, the same room where we had traded some Imperial blasters for a couple of explosive devices two sessions ago. I tried to distract the bartender. I went up to the bar and said, "Terrovae P.D.! I have a warrant to search your back room!" The bartender said, "Let me see your badge," to which I, Kol, said, "I'm undercover." He then said, "Where's the warrant?" I didn't say anything, but Drell said, "It's in the car!" When my deception rolls failed, I decided to say, "Uh, psych!" I then proceeded to pretend to be drunk. While the bartender wasn't exactly distracted by my antics, Nessa/Drell rolled a really good stealth check, allowing her to sneak into the back room. She rolled a twenty on her first spot check, and a sixteen or seventeen on her second spot check, allowing here to find not only a listening device behind this picture, but a camera in the corner of the room. There was only one door in this room. Drell took the bug and took it back to me, crushing it with her hand so as to not give us away. We sat down at a table and examined the bug. I rolled for knowledge of tech and concluded that it was made by SpireTech or something, and that it could either have been put there by the police, the Imperials, or a rival criminal enterprise. It could have been purchased legitimately or on the black market. In other words, we still knew nothing.

We stayed at the bar keeping an eye out for Joem until midnight (bar close was as 2:00 A.M.). After that, the others (Drell, Torin, and Embar) went back to base to get some sleep, while I stayed in the bar to keep an eye out for Joem (we had agreed to meet with him "tonight" at the Ax Head, but we never set a specific time). Finally, the bar closed, Joem hadn't shown up, and my character had to spend the night in the alley next to Joem's speeder. I called Embar in the middle of the night to tell him this, taking twelve rings on his comlink to answer. He was kind of tired.

The next morning, the others drove back from the base to help me further investigate the whereabouts of Joem (it was also at this moment that I put on this breath mask I had scavenged from the last campaign to further disguise myself). We went to this sewage disposal plant to ask around, but Embar couldn't find anybody who knew about Joem. We then decided to roll Gather Information checks to find the bounty hunter that had been chasing us. We also called Kit at the base to do some computer slicing, but the GM played her as Kellyn wasn't with us. Anyway, it wasn't hard to ask if a guy dressed head to toe in grey armor and a cloak with a wolf-shaped helmet was hanging around. We figured that the bounty hunter and Joem must be connected, as was Captain Tede. We finally found out what motel the bounty hunter was staying at ("the Saxon Motel") and prepared an ambush for the bounty hunter. Upon questioning the clerk at the front desk, we learned that the bounty hunter had been seen lugging a huge package up to his room. A Joem-sized package. But we still didn't know what room the bounty hunter was staying in (keep in mind that we all thought of him as a bounty hunter, even though we didn't know if this was the case). Linnae/Torin was sent up to the parking garage connected to the hotel/motel to scout around for the bounty hunter's swoop bike. She found it, but before she could do anything (or rather, she didn't have the mechanics skills to sabotage the swoop; my character was bringing the airspeeder around to where GM/Embar and Nessa/Drell were), the bounty hunter snuck out of the window of his room, went down the stairs, jumped onto the parking garage roof, and ran over to his bike past Torin, who I believe was hiding.

So we followed the bounty hunter in our airspeeder, with me rolling excellent pilot checks. We followed him (some of us speculated that it was, in fact, a her) to this sewage disposal plant or something, and followed him underground through this lift access (it's sort of like an elevator shaft). We trekked through the sewage disposal corridors until we came to a control room, where we found an unconscious male Twi'lek. After ascertaining that he was, in fact, alive, we used the computers in the control room to get a map of the sewage maintenance tunnels. We found that we were in the South Zone, I believe, and that there was a grey splotch on the map in the north part of the East Zone, where no information was being streamed from. We shimmied along these pipes to keep out of the waist deep sewage that was flooding the tunnels (we eventually all slipped and fell into the sewage and continued to walk through it. Embar's suit was ruined). I took some time to say, "What a wonderful smell you've discovered!" After several minutes of trekking, we came upon some womp rat packs, which we shot at in the cramped tunnels. I suffered from some damage, but we managed to fight them off. Also, Torin missed his shot and hit a pipe, splattering more sewage over us all. Nice going, Torin.

We then came to this door marked with warming signs saying not to go further, as previous doors had been marked. We got through them using Joem's key card which we had lifted from the landspeeder. We eventually came to this room where noxious orange smoke was coming out of it through a busted pipe or something. We quickly shut the door while we plotted our next move. Since I had the breath mask, I volunteered to go through the contaminated area to scout it out (I had gotten out the glow rod that went with my utility belt a while before), and then come back for the others. I did so, and found the other entrance. I ran back to the others and prepared them for what we were about to do. We all took deep breaths and ran through the gassed up area. Embar was holding a handkerchief over his nose, while the others held their breaths. The way poisons work (a GM's worst nightmare) in an RPG is a bit complicated, but it boils down to our constitution score being the limit of how many rounds we could hold our breath for. We managed to get to the next room just in the nick of time (nine rounds versus my +14 Constitution) As we got through the corridors and came to the next door (since I was the one with the breath mask, I had been leading the way this whole time), we saw it close ahead of us, as if someone had just gone through it. Intrigue! Anyhow, we went through the door and went on, finally entering the grey area on the map. There, we found a closed door with a keypad whose light was neither green nor red, but black. There was also a spot on the floor covered by some kind of metal sheet. After doing a spot check to know all of this, Drell lifted up the metal sheet, and we found a secret passage leading to a tunnel bored under the door. What could it be? Who was that talking beyond us? What was going to happen next? We could only wonder, as the session was over, and we had to wait until next week.