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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

RPG Group 2013 - Session #4

Despite I missing a week, this still counts as session number four as my group didn't have a session last week, due to Nick not coming. He didn't come to this session either, but he should be coming next week.

Anyhow, here's what happened at this fourth session. Our party was at the library, which was being searched by a squad of stormtroopers. Embar was stuck in a computer room, hiding from them. The last thing we had done from the last session was to detonate a grenade outside to cause a distraction. And now, starting in the new session, this caused a stormtrooper to come out of the library's back entrance where we were to investigate. We attempted to stun him, but Linnae and I both got bad rolls, so he ducked back inside. What followed was an long, drawn out firefight as the two stormtroopers from the front entrance came around back and started shooting at us, one at a time, and another stormtrooper joined the first one at the back entrance. We traded fire, all of us except Nessa's character, Drel, taking heavy damage (Embar wasn't involved in the fight, as he was still holed up on the library's back room). After deciding that this was no longer a stealth mission, we switched our guns to kill and managed to take out the stormtroopers after finally rolling some good rolls.

After the firefight, we snuck into the library, from where the civilians had fled at the sound of the firefight, and there was exactly one stormtrooper left. After a bit more sneaking around, we took out the remaining stormtrooper and looted the bodies of the dead stormtroopers (I then hid the bodies in this dumpster that I had also used for cover in the firefight). Unfortunately for us, Embar was still slicing on the computer, and a second squad of stormtroopers had arrived. As they assembled outside the library, I dashed over to the body of the fallen stormtrooper, grabbed his helmet, and put it on. I then contacted the captain of the new squad, claiming to be the stormtrooper who had now been taken hostage. The captain, who had previously told us to stay off of their channel, didn't buy it for a minute, though he (read: the GM) led us on for a little by claiming to want to negotiate with our leader. So I gave the helmet to Embar, who threw it off after a while. Our antics were greatly amusing to Caleb the Gamemaster. Then the stormtrooper squad, who had a battle speeder of I believe the same kind we had stolen in the last session, blasted through the big front window of the library. Then the stormtroopers, heh heh, stormed the library. My character, for whom I had managed to roll a 20 on my stealth check, had ran to within the proper distance of the squad, the front guys consisting of four guys (two more were at the back door), hurled a grenade at them. My roll for that failed, resulting in the grenade only giving them half damage. But the thing with grenades is that when you throw them, if you score a hit, you can get full damage, but if you miss, you still get half damage from them. So, I threw a second grenade at them, killing three of the stormtroopers. The fourth one ran around the library, attempting to shoot at us.

Meanwhile, at the back, the pilot from the speeder, which was still shooting at us with its grenade launcher (it didn't manage to score any hits), was assisting the two stormtroopers at the back door in cutting the door open (we had locked the doors). They blew the door open, but Torin, Linnae's character, had an action readied to fire at the first person coming through the door. She blew away the first stormtrooper. The second stormtrooper, however, was about to throw a grenade at her, and Torin, whose health was already pretty low, could have been toast back there. Thankfully enough, she had an action readied at that particular moment, shooting the second stormtrooper just as he was about to throw his grenade. Once we had taken care of the fourth stormtrooper from the frontal assault squad, the captain and his bodyguard/aide/whatever came in through the front. We blasted at him, scaring him and the other guy off. In the words of the GM, after the captain ran away, the other guy "hoofs it." So my character ran all the way back to where our airspeeder was, drove it all the way back to the back entrance (the pilot for the imperial airspeeder had ran back to his speeder), loaded everyone into the speeder just as Embar was finished with his slicing, and flew us all out of there, making a pilot check which totaled fifteen. We thus made our daring escape.

I should like to note that this last bit was a little rushed, as my dear old mother had a bike ride to get to and had come to pick me up, greatly wanting to get to her bike ride on time. Fortunately, she managed to get there on time, and I didn't make her late. We also had a good session. There was a lot of dice rolling involved, but I think we did good. I'm sure I'll be able to do something with those imperial blaster rifles and grenades I looted, not to mention all of the experience points (XP) I'm sure we got. So yeah, it was a good session.