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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

RPG Group 2013 - Session #5 & Upcoming Reviews

Today's session was the first session in which my good friend Nick participated. His character was Walte Hawk, a human soldier, a sniper to be specific, and an old army buddy of mine. He's got a lot of good skills.

In this session, we started off a week after the end of the previous session, where we recuperated from our wounds suffered during the library shoot out. We returned to Terrovae to buy some stuff. While in town, my character Kol was contacted by Nick's character, Walte, who had seen my face posted in the media as a dangerous individual. Being my friend, he wanted to find out if these things were true or not. We met up at this bar called the Axe Head, located in the seedier part of town. There, we talked about old times (Nessa and Linnae's characters, Drel and Torin, were waiting in the airspeeder), drank caf (Star Wars equivalent of coffee) and he agreed to join our group, the Torch of Telos.

After dodging imperial troops with expertly rolled stealth checks, we made our way back to our secret base where we discussed how to use the stolen imperial data. Ideas ranged from somehow attacking supply ships to blowing up tanks in the courtyard. We eventually decided on trading the blaster rifles we had looted from the library shootout for some explosives, which we would in turn use to blow up an AT-ST (it's one of those chicken walkers from Episode 6). My character (Kol), Embar, and Drell met with this Trandoshan black market guy in the Axe Head's back room, who agreed to trade the blaster rifles for some explosive devices. Torin and Walte were on lookout duty at this theater across the street from the imperial base we had raided a few sessions back. There, in a crucial spot check made by Linnae, we found that the door to the AT-ST had an electronic lock. So we also secured a somewhat buggy lock kit from our friends in the Free Telos movement. Also, I bought a Hapan lute to play for my own enjoyment and for that of my friends, and a hood to conceal my identity.

Then, under cover of night, we went to the imperial base, which the AT-ST had been parked next to (it was too big to go through the gate). Nick and I handled this part expertly. I affixed the magnetically attached bomb to one of the walker's legs while Walte scaled the thing, as he was trained in climb. He managed to make the best of the buggy lock kit and disarm the alarm of the electronically sealed hatch on the top of the AT-ST, but he rolled a one on actually opening the door. He dropped his lock kit over the side, resulting in him having to climb back down the AT-ST, grab the lock kit, and then climb all the way back up. But finally, he attached the bomb to the cockpit, and climbed back down, before activating the detonators. We then hoofed it before the bombs exploded thirty seconds later. The following day, the holonet was ablaze with our daring deed, as it was with our bold declaration of war which we issued against the Empire. We had officially hit the big time. In celebration of our first terrorist atta- err, act of war, I played a song on my Hapan lute. I rolled an eight, so I guess that matches my real life musical talent. I belted out a few lines of "The Saga Begins" by Weird Al Yankovic for good measure, but that was a little too authentic for the others, I think. Oh well.

Upcoming reviews include The Searunners, Batman Volume 2: City of Owls, Sherlock Holmes, and Man of Steel.