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Monday, October 21, 2013

Driver's Ed

Today was the first day of Driver's Education, commonly known as Driver's Ed. This momentous occasion in my life had me and my sister being ferried with a friend a few blocks away to the local driving school. There, we had to fill out a form and complete a written test after reading some literature. Then we were lectured by the instructor on how licensing worked, and how to get our learners permit.

Driver's Ed, I think, is a wholly new experience for me. We were placed in a poorly supplied classroom with a handful of kids who we didn't know, being taught by a man with a foreign accent. This was not at all my idea of Driver's Ed, but I suppose I have to go through with it sooner or later. With luck, I will pass with flying colors, and when I finally acquire my license, I shall be able to go wherever I choose... with permission from mum and dad, of course.

Due to still having quiz verses to memorize, I decided to not go to taekwondo tonight, opting to stay home and memorize verses. Here's hoping I'll be able to quote now.