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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Bible Quiz Team Christmas Party 2013

Tonight was the Bible Quiz Team Christmas party, and it was a joyous, fun filled occasion. After dining on snack food, desserts, and some legitimate food, we had a quiz on Christmas-related Bible trivia, that is, on the events surrounding the birth of Jesus. I got 35 out of 150. My sister got 125, so I think it's official that she's smarter than me. Dangnabbit, but oh well. We then had a gift exchange, where gifts included chocolates (such as my gift), gift cards, nail polish, toothpaste boxes filled with rocks (one part of my sister's gift), a DVD (the other part of my sister's gift), and a enormous teddy bear which was even larger than Ava, the girl who acquired it. This bear, named Livingston, it turns out, had been owned by Jeff, a former quizzer who is now one of our Novice team's quiz coaches. He brought it to the gift exchange so as to pass it on to another quizzer, for he himself had gotten it at a previous Bible Quiz Team gift exchange. I wound up with a box of Hershey's Chocolates, not a bad prize. Overall, it was a fun Christmas party, and I really loved the laughter brought on by the gift exchange, as well as during the quiz (when Mr. Wendt was reading the questions off, pointed out in a humorous manner that the answers were printed on the back of his sheet of paper, visible. Everybody laughed while Mr. Wendt fetched a folder to cover up the answers with). In short, I had a great time.