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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Bible Quiz Team - 2nd Alderwood Invitational 2013-2014

Today and yesterday was the first Bible Quiz Invitational of the new year, and the last one to be held at Alderwood Community Church for this quiz year. It was the first overnight invitational of the 2013-2014 quiz year, and I would say that it went rather well. I was on Team 1 with Rebecca, Ashley, and Coach Wendt. On the first day, yesterday evening, we won one quiz and lost all the rest, some closely, some not so closely. After bunking at our respective host families' house for the night, we resumed quizzing the following morning, this morning. I'm not sure if we won any quizzes today, but we surely acquitted ourselves well. The devotion was on Martin Luther and how his study of the Book of Romans led to the Reformation. We had baked potatoes for lunch.

In the end, Snohomish won the Senior championship, while the Novice championship belonged to Alderwood. Faith Community Baptist Church defeated us no less than three out of four times. Kellyn, Ava, Lizziey, and myself all achieved All Star status. I was the least of the nine Senior All Stars, and Kellyn was the highest. This is an ironic contrast between myself, the worst of the best, and Kellyn, the best of the best. We then engaged in "fun quizzing" and clean up.

During the bunking period, Luke and I took some time to play a game of Star Wars Miniatures. I love that game, but I forgot to bring my own extensive collection. Fortunately, Luke brought his own collection, and we had a good time (I won).

After the invitational was the standard stuff: Drive back the church, stopping for lunch on the way there. Then we went home. Altogether, it was a good weekend, and I heartily congratulate all of the quizzers on their commendable work.