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Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday

Today was Black Friday, known throughout the world as a day of rock bottom sales and great bargains. To paraphrase Marla Masters from the comic strip Retail, it is quite ironic that a day of gratefulness should be followed by a day of greed. At any rate, the only bargain I got was 20% discount on all items at my local comic book store, the Comic Hut. I also did some shopping with my dad at Barnes & Noble, though I still have some shopping left to do yet. I hope to get it done sometime tomorrow, but at any rate, I have plenty of time.

Before I went shopping, however, I helped my dear old dad to decorate downtown Renton, as is our annual duty. We put up garlands on light poles, in the drizzling rain, and plan to come back to finish the job soon. I'll be working tomorrow, at my dad's shop no less, so maybe we'll get it done sometime around that time.

After all that, we went to my grandma and grandpa's residence (that's my dad's parents) and had some Thanksgiving leftovers. We watched a little bit of the football came between Washington State University and the University of Washington, though I'm not sure who won. Last time I checked it was 23-25 or something in favor of UW, though I'm not completely sure. We also watched a little bit of Mary Poppins on ABC, which I haven't seen in ages, but still has the same old charm as it did when I was a kid. Finally, we are home and trying to decide what to watch. I'll update about that on my Facebook page.

So, in the meantime, what did you all do for Black Friday? Did you shop, or did you just stay home and eat leftovers? In the words of Jeremy Jahns, comment below and let me know! I'm very eager to hear back from my readers!