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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day

Today is May Day, a relatively minor holiday of Celtic and Germanic origins, often marked in the past of "raucous partying" as Wikipedia tells it. There is also a connection to the Roman festival of Flora,  Many different countries celebrate May Day in varying ways. In Britain, for example, they crown a "Queen of May," and in Finland, people party outside on May Day Eve while wearing fancy clothing. In the United States of America, a common tradition is the giving of flowers as gifts. In recent years, May Day has become a rallying day for works rights activists, the uglier side of which was evidenced by the May Day Protests of last year. Fortunately, Phoenix Jones and other members of the Rain City Superhero Movement were there to help quell rioting, defending a retired federal courthouse from vandals until police arrived. Also celebrated on the same day as May Day is Law Day, where we obviously celebrate law and order (not the TV show, the concept).

I gave my dear mother a nosegay of flowers, blue bells to be specific, and she liked them. I got all of my school work done in a reasonable amount of time today. My cousin-in-law Darin came over this evening, as usual, to work on math with me. Geometry's pretty hard, but Darin helps me a lot.

Concerning future reviews, I plan to postpone reviews this week until I finish my May the Fourth Be With You post, which will be a very big day for me. I'll explain why then. After that, I intend to review The Language of God by Francis S. Collins, Batman Volume 1: The Court of Owls, and Captain America: The First Avengers, the last of these which I had the privilege to see in theaters in October 2011.