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Thursday, July 18, 2013

RPG Group 2013 - (Belated) Session #6

Gee whiz, another belated post? This better not turn into a habit. Anyhow, for yesterday's session, Nick was unable to attend due to fatigue. However, Kellyn was able to attend for the first time in a few weeks, so I hope that next week will be our next full session.

While we were waiting some fifteen minutes for Nick to arrive, we spent some time role playing. This session started off with us informing Kellyn's character, Kit, about our past adventures while she was away scouting for benefactors. She found an Ithorian guy who might want to help us, but I don't know much beyond that. We then discussed with Embar about how we might recruit some new members in the form of Captain Jeiry Tede, my character Kol's old commanding officer from the Telos Security Force. I made it up out of my head that Tede had founded his own private security company, and that we might be able to find him there. We went to the little business park where his offices were located, but his business seemed to have disappeared (Nick's character, Walte, was on "guard duty" at the base). We contacted the land lord of the building, and he informed us that Tede's company, Sabre Security, had recently gone out of business and had vacated the premises. We then went to this bar called the Black Bantha (name and existence also courtesy of me) where Tede and other army officers used to hang out. Kit and I went inside while Embar, Drell, and Torin waited in the airspeeder. Kit used her gather information skill to question the bartender, who was a Bith. In spite of her good roll, the bartender did not know where Tede might be, having most recently seen him last week (I kept my hood up this whole time to avoid being seen). As we were leaving the bar, the GM had us roll a spot check, and my character got the highest, I think. I saw an armored figure on a swoop bike watching us with macrobinoculars. He wore a cloak over his armor. We tried to follow him, but we soon decided we should try to lose him and not the other way around, so we broke off the chase. We speculated that he was a bounty hunter, but there wasn't a bounty on our heads as far as we knew.

We then decided to try to contact another one of my old army buddies, a Sullustan named Joem. He was a sergeant in the Telos Security Force and used to work at Tede's company. So we made tracks for his house, but as we were pulling up, we came upon a small squad of stormtroopers who had surrounded the house. Two where at the back where Joem's airspeeder also was, and two were at the front, where another Arrow Battle speeder was. My character, who was driving, drove the airspeeder into the alleyway behind the house (Drell got out of the airspeeder as we were going for it). We engaged the two stormtroopers in the back in a firefight, trading fire. Joem also came out of the house, brandishing a vibro knife. The stormtroopers tried to take a shot at him, but fortunately, their guns were set for stun. I got out with the others and made a point blank shot at a stormtrooper. Despite my good roll, however (I think it was a 19), I didn't score high enough damage to deal a killing shot. I don't recall who killed that particular stormtrooper, though it could have been Kit, but Drell got the second stormtrooper by aiming over the speeders. Meanwhile, the two stormtroopers at the back had come down through the narrow alleyway adjoined to the alley we had piloted our airspeeder in, and Embar rushed to confront them with his vibro rapier. He utterly failed at his attempt to strike the stormtrooper, however. There was then a complicated bit of gun play involving shooting over or around Embar at the stormtroopers (my character took a shot and failed), but eventually Torin or Kit killed the stormtrooper nearest to us. Unfortunately, now with Embar and that stormtrooper out of the way, this gave the fourth stormtrooper the opportunity to fire at Torin, hitting him square in the shoulder. Fortunately, we managed to all pile into the airspeeder (Drell had hidden himself in the trunk (???)) and flew away. Joem had already hopped into his airspeeder and flown away. We had agreed to meet with him at the Ax Head tonight.

We headed out from Joem's neighborhood to a parking garage where we ascertained everybody's hit points and did some healing. Torin got his injury treated and Embar took a second wind, recovering. I recovered as well, I believe, though I'm not sure exactly when I got hit. Must have been in the confusion of that firefight. We then went to hang out at the Black Bantha while we waited for nightfall to occur, when we would go to meet Joem at the Ax  Head. While we were there, we had a drink. I had a glass of Corellian ale, and I asked Caleb the GM if the bar had karaoke. He wasn't sure whether to roll with the black die ("bad") or the white die ("good"). So he rolled a 20 with the black die, meaning that there was karaoke, but it was really bad karaoke. My character decided to do some karaoke, singing the Ballad of Qui-Gon Jinn. I didn't make up more than two lines of lyrics for the song, but I heard a crack from Embar that I wasn't able to hold my drink very well. Fortunately, I had a Constitution of 14, so I wasn't incredibly inebriated. I did have only one glass, you know. Anyhow, we were chilling for about an hour of in game time when the same armored figure from earlier came into the bar. Thinking fast, I threw my glass at the back of this Gamorrean's head, and tricked him into thinking that the armored figure had done it. I did it by affecting a baritone voice similar to the bounty hunter's, and called the Gamorrean a pig face (the two had some kind of disagreement in front of the bar earlier), and after a threw the glass at him, I pointed to the bounty hunter and said, "He did it!" Unfortunately, both I and the Gamorrean had rolled a 1 on initiative. By the time the Gamorrean was able to go over to the bounty hunter (we were all calling him the bounty hunter), he had shot my character with a stun bolt. Meanwhile, Embar and Kit were making a break for the back entrance, and the other twenty-odd bar patrons erupted into panic. Drell and Torin had been outside watching this street magician, and we alerted them via comlink that the bounty hunter was here. So they pulled the airspeeder into the alley behind the bar, and we all piled into the airspeeder and went on our merry way. And that was the end of the session. The last thing I said was, "So much for your night on the town, Embar!"

I'm greatly looking forward to our next session, as we will likely be meeting with Joem to discuss the fate of Captain Tede, and I'm sure we'll be able to work Nick in too. And this new subplot with the bounty hunter... it's intriguing to say the least. I also hope that we'll be able to fight something other than stormtroopers for a change.