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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

RPG Group 2013 - Session #8

This was a most unique session, in that I, being on vacation, had to Skype in to the session, which was attended by all of the other members. True, Nick arrived a little late, but he did arrive! Skype being Skype, I didn't have the best connection and sometimes Caleb's words were muted, but I managed to get most of what was going on.

After taking a moment to get our wits about us, Caleb had us re-roll our stealth checks, because he hadn't written down what we had rolled for last time. We then decided to send in Drell/Nessa, the only one trained in stealth, to investigate what was ahead of us. She went down the tunnel to find the bounty hunter standing over Captain Tede, a human. He/she (Drell is a male; Nessa is female) then doubled back, and told us of what he/she had seen. We then decided to sneak into the room and charge the bounty hunter. So, we rolled for stealth again, and we all got good rolls, setting our guns to stun. We then charged the bounty hunter, firing with all of our might. Unfortunately, since our guns were on stun, we weren't able to penetrate the bounty hunter's armor. Embar/GM got a twenty right in the bounty hunter's visor, and Captain Tede grabbed his gun and began laying down "suppressing fire", but it took several rounds, three stun grenades from the bounty hunter, and two attempts to combine fire before the GM had the vastly outgunned bounty hunter surrender. After my character stuck my gun under the bounty hunter's chin, Embar pulled the bounty hunter's helmet off and, surprise surprise, the bounty hunter was a girl! To be specific, a female Zabrak with white hair and I believe purple eyes. I think her name was Montellia or something, but I can't remember exactly, partly because the Skype connection wasn't the best.

Anyhow, Tede filled us in on what happened. The Imperials and this mining corporation called Telos Industrial Mining Coalition had been getting after Tede (something to do with him knowing about this weapons transport), which forced him to go underground- literally. He apparently commandeered the sewer system with Joem, and has been hiding out there. I wasn't able to get all of the details, what with the poor Skype connection and all, but I'll ask Caleb next time I see him. If any of you fellows who are in the RPG group are reading this blog, feel free to fill me in in the comments section. We then took the bounty huntress' weapons, and with breath masks supplied by Tede, made our way through the sewers back to the surface. We locked the bounty huntress in the trunk of our airspeeder (we bound her with her own binders) and sent Drell and Torin up to her motel room to secure Joem, who had been tortured by the bounty huntress to reveal Tede's location. Poor guy looked like he'd been through a lot.

After some debate over what to do with the bounty hunter, we decided to take her back to our base for interrogation. I wanted to take her to a motel on the outskirts of Terrovae to conduct the interrogation, as mandated by the Evil Overlord List, but Caleb talked me out of it. We went back to the Ax Head to grab Joem's speeder, and then we all went back to the base. There, we held a meeting to determine what to do with the bounty hunter. We realized that there wasn't anything we actually wanted to know, so we drove her back out to Terrovae and let her go.

A day or two later, the Free Telos movement contacted us, asking to meet with their leadership on forming a formal alliance. This would require a meeting with Lady Andra, a canon Star Wars character, at this mountain villa. Leaving Tede and Joem at the base, presumably to recuperate, we drove our Arrow battle speeder and the airspeeder up to the place. There were several paramilitary guys standing around, and I believe there were some tanks. We met with Lady Andra, who had a Wookiee bodyguard, and had a fancy dinner. We talked about uniting to fight the Empire and the TIMC, but then Drell got a sudden feeling of foreboding. We then requested that we do a quick security check around the villa, which we were given permission to do. We split into two groups; Embar/GM, Walte/Nick, and Kol/me in one side, and the others on another. We were in the art gallery when something blew up the tanks, and three stormtroopers broke through the windows. There was a shoot out, where each of us took out one stormtrooper. We then rushed into the next room, where some of the paramilitary guys were readying their weapons. I sheathed my sporting blaster and pulled out my blaster rifle, ready to take on any threat. It was then that we chose to end to end the session, where Caleb told us that our next session, wherever it might be, would be held not next week, but possibly on some random Saturday. We'll work out the details later. It was, in short, a momentous session.