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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bible Quiz Team

Tonight was the first meeting of the Bible Quiz Team since the start of Christmas break.

The Bible Quiz Team is a team of people who memorize vast portions of the Bible in order to be quizzed on them. In a quiz, two teams face off with four to six members per team. There is a difference between Bible Quiz Team the entity, which can be made up of any number of people, to Bible Quiz Team the unit, which can be made up of only four to six people. The Highlands Community Church Bible Quiz Team has only enough people for one team, but the Alderwood Community Church Bible Quiz Team has enough people to field several teams. Anyhow, the two teams face off against each other with buzzers, and a quiz master reads the questions, which are fielded to the quizzers, who have to buzz in to answer the questions. Every correct questions gains twenty points for the quizzer's team. Every wrong questions scores -10 points, and there's a referral given to the opposing team member, who can gain ten points from answering the completed question. A quizzer can buzz in before the quiz master finishes the questions, and then complete the question in addition to giving the answer, but must complete the questions first before giving the answer.

This is my fifth year on the Bible Quiz Team, and I am in the Senior division, as are all but one of my team mates. Novices are those who have been on the team for one to two years, and people who have been on the team for longer than that are in the Senior division. Our next invitational competition will be held at Alderwood Community Church over the course of two days.