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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fourth Bible Quiz Team Invitational (2012-2013)

At Highlands Community Church, there was held yesterday evening and today an invitational competition. The churches of Highlands Community Church, Alderwood Community Church, Snohomish Community Church, Lone Rock Church, and Faith Baptist Community Church, the one in Seattle, came together over the weekend to compete in a series of quiz matches. However, Only the first three participated in the Senior division, though all were in the novice, HCC in that division with a one girl team. I've written about Bible Quizzing before, and I will so again. My team actually did much better than usual, even though I myself did not achieve that All Star status as I did before, I quizzed well. My team won about 9 out of some 15 quizzes. I would like to congratulate Kelly Post and her team for winning the Senior tournament, and I would also like to congratulate her for making the top Senior All Star with an average of over 100 points per quiz. Others I would like to congratulate are Lizzie Johnson and Lizzie Joss. I also salute the quizzers from the other churches who made All Stars, and all the others besides. And of course, where would we be without our fine coaches and quiz masters, including Coach Michael "General" Wendt, Coach Wendy Grinols-Sweeney (known to me as "mom"), Coach Betsy Purcell, and Coach Keisha Wendt. Furthermore, I also thank Chuck Collins, John Overs

For the invitational, we hosted a few quizzers at our house overnight. This is usually good because we get a nice breakfast made for us in the morning, courtesy mom and dad. We drove back to the church at 9:00, where we missed the pre-quiz briefing, but were able to get to the other events on time. We paused the quizzing to have a devotional and lunch, after which was the tournament. Then we announced All Stars, packed up, and went home. Other than the brief trip to the library I took, I believe I shall remain home for the rest of the day.