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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

RPG Group 2013 - Session #2

Today's session was largely uneventful, due to an unfortunate scheduling mishap. Linnae and Nessa had testing today, and Kellyn was helping prepare for a trip she'll be taking. Thusly, I was the only player available aside from the Gamemaster. Caleb and I spent our extra time working on characters and bouncing ideas off of each other. Nessa and Linnae eventually came back in time for us to play for less than fifteen minutes. During the super-short session, I made a successful diagnostic check on the droid I built, learned that womp rat steak doesn't taste very good, and that next week we'll continue exploring the abandoned lair. I really wish we could have done more, what with last week's session being short enough as it was, but hopefully next week will be better.